Children Nutrition Class, Union City

October 22nd, 2019

The Union City Board of Education developed a complete program that helps children get a head start on school and life: Early Childhood Programs.  Breakfast, snack and lunch are included, FREE, and classes are small: just 15 students with one certified teacher and one aide. Also included:

  • FREE health screenings to stop problems early
  • Full checkup with a licensed doctor, including vaccinations, hearing and vision tests and complete health screening
  • Any problems or special needs are identified early and taken care of immediately
  • FREE parenting and family support
  • Parenting classes and answers to your questions
  • Referrals and help during any family crisis
  • Help getting social services (housing, WIC, free medical services, job assistance)


Thanks to Adriana Birne, Director of Early Childhood Programs, and Ahoud Najjar, Parent Liaison for the opportunity to share a Nutrition Class for Parents and Students.

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