The primary aim of this study is to examine the efficacy of Decídetext, an innovative mobile smoking cessation intervention that incorporates two elements: 1) a tablet-based e-health platform that collects personal smoking-related information to support the development of an individualized quit plan and guides the ensuing text messaging program; and 2) a 12 week text messaging “skills-based counseling” (i.e, behavioral support) program that includes educational information, behavioral strategies, motivational messaging, and Nicotine Replacement Therapy support driven by information obtained from both the tablet program and the user’s text messages.

Overall Decidetexto Aims


Aim 1. To evaluate the impact of the culturally accommodated Decídetext program versus standard care on smoking abstinence at Month 6 among Latino smokers. At Month 6, smokers in Decídetext will have significantly higher cotinine-verified 7-day point prevalence abstinence (no cigarettes in the past 7 days) than smokers in the control arm. Program efficacy also will be examined at Month 6 (primary outcome) to assess mechanisms of change.


Aim 2. To assess therapeutic alliance, pharmacotherapy utilization, and self-efficacy as mediators of the presumed treatment effect on cotinine-verified 7-day smoking abstinence at Month 6 among Latino smokers. Our hypothesis is that Decídetext will have greater efficacy for smoking cessation than standard care by increasing therapeutic alliance, utilization of pharmacotherapy, and self-efficacy to quit.


Aim 3. To conduct a process evaluation that can inform findings and future improvements. The evaluation of Decídetext includes: 1) satisfaction with the program and its components; 2) text-message system utilization patterns and common content themes in text message interactions among participants.

Study Design


Mobile Tool

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